Insect Screens

Insect Screens

If Insect & Bugs are the problem, then Rodney Blinds & Screens have the answer, we have a great selection of inset screens to choose from, that will best suit your windows & budget from the magnetic or hinged to the roll-away

We use a UV resistance nylon mesh in our screen, so with constant use holes will not form.

Insect screens is a chemical free way of protection from insects.
  • Magnetic Insect Screens

    The magnetic insect screen is one of the original insect screens, they have been around for years & still one of the favourites They're great for keeping insects/bugs out whilst not permanently barring your window. You just peel them off when you don't need them for winter or when you need to clean them and put them back up for the summer. The mesh we use is durable to prevent the formation of holes with regular use.

    Rodney Blinds & Screens insect screens are made of UV resistant mesh & the frame around the outside can be power coated to any colour, so the Magnetic Insect Screens blend in with your existing window frames. They are custom made in New Zealand, to whatever size you need the screen to be Magnetic Insect Screens is a chemical free way to protect your family from insects & bugs.
  • Hinged Insect Screen

    Another great idea to keep out the unwanted insects & bugs, with the Hinged Insect Screen they are very easy to remove, no unscrewing necessary , with the our special hinges we use, all you need to do is pull the Hinged Insect Screen straight of, then the screens can be put away for winter ( if you like ) or taken outside to be cleaned, the aluminium frame for the Hinged Insect Screen will be power coated to what ever colour you would like, so you can match it to your existing joinery.
  • Roll Away Insect Screens

    The grate advantage with the Roll-away Insect Screen is when the insects & bugs are around, all you need to do is just roll down the insect screen & when not needed the Roll-away Insect Screen, rolls up into its pelmet & out of sight, this helps keep the Roll-away Insect Screen clean. The pelmet can be power coated to any colour, you would like, so it blends in with the existing framing.